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Livestreaming can be almost as interactive as a live show, thanks to a platform created by a Chicago booker looking at life during and after quarantine

For the non-celebrity performer, trying to navigate the digital music world in a COVID-19 world is a lot trickier. While many performers have turned to platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live to share their talents, the competition has become just as, if not more, competitive than it was when in-person performances were still possible.

Inspired by this, Akkawi has created Bring Out the Creative, a website and platform for artists and performers to elevate the livestreaming experience with a virtual reality program that “brings performers as close as possible to the physical experience.” 

“Think of this as ‘going live,’ but on steroids,” said Akkawi.

Where most platforms focus on the user experiences of the audience (“It’s monotone, it’s boring, it’s one-way,” he jokes), Akkawi said his platform favors the performer. A few hundred people may watch an artist perform on Instagram Live, but on Bring Out the Creative, the artist will be able to view their audience, too. “They can hear the chatter and feel like they’re (performing) live at a venue,” Akkawi said. “It’s really important that the artist feels like they have an audience, a room full of people. The whole goal is to create this software platform where it has all the features, the bells and whistles, to bring you as close as possible to performing.”

Performers will also get the chance to perform in a new, fully-equipped studio that takes them out of their typical home environments and into a space more like what they’ve used in the past. The studio is cleaned before and after each artist’s performance to encourage safety. With flashing lights, a full sound system set-up and much coveted space, it is likely a step-up from the bedroom set-ups many performers have had to operate from recently. “If you do not adjust to implementing new technology and becoming a virtual performer, you’re (going to) either get lost or (lose relevance).”

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